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Do you want to upgrade from your current bar code system to IT generation? Our BarPrint software is a low cost, portable, and very innovative solution for small businesses. BarPrint software is installed on Symbol痴 OS PDA SPT 1500 (or PalmIII) and bar code is printed using an attached Monarch 6015 printer.

Using only these two small portable devices, it is possible to print almost any bar code instantly at any location.

Reading the barcodeOther applications come to mind. Businesses at remote locations Bar Print software is used with a Palm device such as a SPT 1500 (developer's preference) with a Monarch 6015 printer to print bar code and additional product information.

Practically speaking, that means that the user can use the Palm device and Monarch 6015 to print receipts, track inventory, and also write bar codes for merchandise. All with the same equipment. This is ideal for businesses doing inventory with bar codes but receiving merchandise without bar codes. Also, small production companies can print bar code on site to their products rather than preprinting bar codes or buying expensive bar code printers.

Locations or warehouse have the capacity to inventory sales and purchases with the same Palm SPT 1500 bar code scanner and Monarch 6015 printer. At the same time, inventory tracking is immediately possible because the user can print bar code and put it on product.

Product tracking is possible. It is also possible to print two identical bar code labels. One is applied to a product, for example, in a shipping business. The other bar code label is placed on the bill of sale so that a match can be made at the destination.

The uses for a portable and inexpensive bar code printer are limited only by the imagination. The Bar Print software was developed as a low cost inventory solution using a portable printer and Palm.

Three types of Bar Print.

Bar Print Screenshot

Bar Print light : Only prints one line of bar code as entered by user on BarPrint Light software.

Bar Print : allows the user to print bar code and one line of product information.

Bar Print Pro : Possible to print out 8 kinds of code. In addition, it is possible to add characters on top of the bar code, as shown.

Three versions of Bar Print

We, the developers, can make special modifications for the customer as long the Monarch 6015 is able to print it. Ask our sales division for more details.

Bar Print Light (barp1.prc)

Bar Print (barp2.prc)

Bar Print Pro (barp3.prc)

  1. After downloading the prc file, install to your Palm device as you would usually install with Palm Desktop.
  2. Pay exact values to the Palmgear dot com. Some states require VAT, dependent on where you live.
  3. Email your Palm user name to %20palmdev@digi-hound.com. We will return the key code to you after your payment is confirmed.
  4. When you first tap BarPrint, a key code enter window will come up. Enter the key code you have received from Digihound. This will enable BarPrint.


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