Kaname Sakurai has finished his RAAM

- 10 days 17 hours 4 minutes -

Sakurai reached the finish in Savannah Georgia in early morning 05:21a.m. U.S. EST of 4th August. This result was his best so far.
Sakurai became sleepy in the middle of the race. During the last half, he could not eat on the bike because of pain caused by chin supporter. So he ate foods by dismounting and missed minutes again and again. But, his first half was so great and he is tough. Just enough to get be one of the few finishers in this, his third, Race Across America!

Right; He is exhausted but his smile returns when his crew praises him with applause.

Sakurai is the only Asian finisher of RAAM. This race is great step for his résumé as a Triathlete. The medal is exclusively for official finishers...only seven in this RAAM. It's great time for a great athlete. Left; Contemplating the medal in his hand. This is his 3rd medal as finisher but this one is special because it was the m ost difficult. He looks like he's making sure the medal is real, or 5th place is real.
Left; For crew, as the past things, RAAM is like a happening in last 24 hours, now. If only one guy is not here, Sakurai's result was more hard to get. For finish the RAAM, need total power to do a lot of things to goal.

Photo Left
from the left/ edge=Chiharu Mikami (crew), Hiroe Nishihara - Sakurai (front, crew), Noriyuki Miyamoto (crew), Kenji Nishihara (crew), Kaname Sakurai (rider), Takayuki Nogi (crew), Hajime Tomiyasu (front, time computation), Daisuke Tomiyasu (director), Kuninori Takada (front, Mechanic), Sen Kaneshiro (trainer)

Right) Sakurai and his wife, Hiroe, greet each other at the finish. His challenge was not only the race, but daily rigors of daily training shared with his wife.

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