Georgia - Pressing On:   Out of the Sunset through the Darkness

Battling sleepiness night after night, Sakurai now presses into the darkness with only 300 miles until Savannah.The sunset forms a beautiful backdrop behind Sakurai.

After Sakurai passed Time Station 52, the crew makes a phone call to report Sakurai's time and are informed that Wolfgang will finish very soon. The racer who can view this sunset from the finish line in Savannah is the happiest. Playing "catch up" Sakurai has less than 300 miles. One more breath, one more stroke.... The cheering crew gives an energetic shout.

But, this sunset was not his last in RAAM. Sakurai saw one more sunset, then finished next morning at 5:21 am just before sunrise.

His riding style on the last day was like in the picture at right. In a vertical position, supported only by his strong will, his well conditioned body responding as reflexively, he mechanically forces the bicycle along. His speed is not so bad. He can finish within the required 48 hours from the top finisher, but now, in our minds, the result could go either way. Here he is shown kicking the pedals hard, to beat last year's result.

Right> One of Kindest Gentlemen, a Volunteer at Time Station 54..

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