Arkansas -The 7th Day

Sakurai gets a little time to rest up. His physical condition is very much better than last year. His one problem is his neck.

Sakurai's idea to relieve his neck cramps is a special support or chin carrier. Still in this this race, he feels more pain. One reason is that he cannot chew solid foods because chin supporter pushes his chin up painfully. The heat during the first half of the race kept him from eating enough, which reduced his energy level.
RAAM racers are in the top ranks of the world's hardest endurance races. RAAM is the toughest. Sakurai experienced just how hard it can be on three separate occasions. In the middle phase of the race, Sakurai had never known such pain. But at the same time he used the pain to drive him to be one of the best endurance racers in the world.

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