From Nevada to Utah

The Race presses on through Nevada into Utah. It was around 3'oclock PM (EST: official race time). Of course this is noon on the West Coast. We are going to St.George, Utah, Time Station No.13. Temperature was over 120F. I have small alcohol thermometer but it could not measure that high.
Under such hot conditions, the RAAM riders in the leading group are checking the other riders and dare not take a rest. Somebody quips that this hot part of the race is to weed out the riders who can't get to the finish line. Sakurai races to gain on leader Seana Hogan. At St. George Kaname has covered 760.74 miles from the start. Sakurai is one of the riders in the top group.
Racing in this heat requires support by passing drink, food and water from pace car to the rider. The front of the pace car is occupied by driver and navigator. The back seat is occupied by another crewperson who takes care of drink, food, bicycle repair or any other needs. Door is kept open for passing the items so they do not have the benefit of air-conditioning.
This '97 RAAM course has great scenic points. I saw some foreign crew members taking pictures of the scenic views on the course. From Zion National Park to Page, Arizona, to Monument Valley, and then on to Cortez Colorado. The places are most impressive because of their strange Rocks and Mountains. Here one can feel and enjoy the interesting rock shapes and the majestic beauty.

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