Midnight in Nevada (end of Day 1)

In this race area, I could not take many photos because it was midnight and impossible to use this kind of digital camera in the dark. The riders kept running without any rest with only the glow of neon signs from the gambling town far away.

Seana Hogan arrived at Time Station No.6 as the 1st rider but could not get underway for the next Station. So, she and other racers, including Kaname Sakurai stopped. Several riders changed positions because of this.

This situation is unique to RAAM because each rider has his own pace. At the same time it isn't like the Tour De France where the riders ride together in a group. Each rider is strongly aware of the others' positions, pushing or pulling each other in their mind.

The riders in the top group are now pressing on to the "red hot" Red Rock, Utah.

Left: Spectators cheer Sakurai from the shade of a tree. This desert weather is 100 Fahrenheit which gives not just a feeling of heat, but even pain.

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