Northern Arizona

The racers travel down into southern Utah and on the same day they reach Arizona. Even here it was also non-stop all the way.

Who will stop to rest first? No, nobody rests more than a few minutes. It seems like they must take a longer rest but instead in just a few minutes they start again. This is part of their tactics. Ranking has not yet so big a meaning because five riders are tight, within an hour of each other.

For the rider, and for the crew, this is a long, hot, first half. Riders keep pedaling. Crew members change places and as soon as they hit the bed on the motor home they are asleep. The crew is tired, too....

Sakurai receives a therapeutic massage. Understanding the condition of the rider's body is so important to plan the race.

He had too many rest stops last year and his face swelled. This year, he has no similar problem and is keeping in the top group.

His average speed is about almost 16 miles per hour. He had run 614 miles at the place where this photo was taken. Fatigue attacks everybody without exception. The riders are helped in their battle against drowsiness by cheering voices, and music from their pace cars' speakers.

After sunrise, the surrounding view has changed and looks the same as Utah. Looks like this non-stop run isn't about to end yet..

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