The Day One, California

Kaname Sakurai started his third Race Across America. He passed the early time stations as one of the leading group of racers. Even after the sunset, he continued to pursue the leader, Seana Hogan. It was much more aggressive than last year's RAAM.

Sakurai's pace did not slow down on the first day. He kept running until Utah (the 2nd day) without any break time at all.
Except for only one pace car per team, the regulations prohibit the race teams' auxiliary cars from the road between the Start and the First Time Station. Therefore all of auxiliary vehicles, (like our motor home) took a detour by Freeway to get to the First Time Station. Many crews from many different countries were waiting at the First Check Point to welcome their rider's record breaking time with smiles.
A crew awaits their rider, the defending champion, experienced rider Daniel Chew. This part of the course was of course very hot. It is only possible for racers to keep pushing because of the support of their crews..
The long long night is coming soon. The Californian sunset marked the start for a real long run that lasted until the afternoon of the 2nd day. It's like a entrance decorated by sunset for the riders on their first night run to Savannah, Georgia.

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