The day before the race (July, 23rd 1997)

What's this fluttering in the West Coast stormy weather? Every crew member also has a fluttery feeling, as they make last minute preparations for tomorrow's race.

In Los Angeles, the flag of the "Japan Adventure Cyclist Club" flutters in the wind, symbolizing the crew's feeling before the start of the RAAM '97.

This year the crew readied the car faster than last year and were better prepared with a Motor Home. The crew gets ready for tomorrow's early morning inspection. After tonight's inspection, Sakurai and crew will plan the riders' meetings and double check their gear.
Above > Since early morning, the crew has been trying to get ready for inspection.

Right > Inspection by RAAM officials. Not only the bicycle but even pace car and all of support cars have to pass inspection to meet race regulations.

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