RAAM '97

Since 1982, the Race Across America has been the most excruciating endurance bicycle race in the world. Every summer, riders accept the challenge to race across this vast countryside. In doing so they discover some important human qualities in themselves. Because it is so difficult it accurately reflects many of our most difficult situations in life.

In this 1997 race, the course has been changed a little, but with a much greater impact on the participants. Turning from California, up through Las Vegas, Nevada, the riders may face a longer period of hottest weather than ever before.

Last year, Sakurai had accidental trouble with his bicycle's frame. The Bicycle is a simple mechanism but by no means an easy product to re-engineer on the road.

A problem that each foreign racer and crew must face is the size of the land. America is amazingly huge country. As the teams pass Time Stations No. 5 or 6 it sobering to realize that they have only covered 10% of the 63 Time Stations. "We have to pass over more 90%!?". Yes, it's truly a Race Across AMerica!

This year, 1997, the Sakurai team has 90% of their original 1995 crew.

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RAAM97 Participants

WOMEN RACERS       (*) denotes rookie

Seana Hogan
Muffy Ritz
(*)Kathy Simko


MEN RACERS             (*) denotes rookie

Fabio Biasiolo
(*)Andrew Bohannon
(*)Bill Brown
Aldo Calandro
Danny Chew
(*)Giorgio Chiappini
Tom Davies, Jr.
(*)Lambiase Emilio
Wolfgang Fasching
(*)Mikael Henriksson
Rob Kish
Ed Kross
Rob Morlock
Peter Pop
Kaname Sakurai
(*)Hans-Juergen Schmidt
Paul Solon
(*)Roy Sturm
(*)Michael Wilson


Team Brazil
Team Canada
Team Austria
Primal One
Team 2 Mixed Up (tandem relay)
Team Tandem Lightning Velo (tandem relay)
Team PacifiCare
Team Kern Wheelmen
Team Judy Flannery

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